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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 19, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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large area by waving their nicks along the ground. >> i had the giraffe image in my head. thank you, mark. curator in charge of the american museum of natural history. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. just like your compute, made in china. people accused of hacking into companies to steal secrets. what did they get? the national lead. it's a fake. that truthers plan to hand out. kbt these people give it a rest for one day out of respect to the families? and the money lead. the giant cranky lizard may have
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his name on the posters. but the u.s. military gets a whole lot of screen tim in "godzilla." how cozy is hollywood with the military? good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." we'll start with the world lead. china has long been suspected of hacking targets here in the u.s. the american government has never held anyone accountable for it until today. the justice department calling this 21st century burglary. economic espionage charges against a shadowy unit of businesses. u.s. steel, westinghouse, alcoa, some of the biggest companies in the u.s. in announcing the charge, the attorney general seemed to be pointing the finger at the five
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suspects and the government and military of china as well. >> we must say enough is enough. this administration will not tolerate actions by any nation that seek to sabotage american companies. >> attorney general holder says he expects the chi naez to cooperate in bringing these five to justice. that's what he said. if he wasn't being naive, perhaps he was being facetious. the chinese government doesn't appear to be ready to cooperate. let's bring in pamela brown. how is the chinese government reacting to the accusations? >> they're firing back at the u.s., jake. just to put in in context, a war of words between the u.s. and china on this issue for awhile. now, the u.s. is putting the gauntlet down with the indictment.
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the chinese government is lashing out with the foreign ministry spokesman calling the accusations absurd and fictitious. he said china is the real victim of being spied on. there's a lot of finger-point g ing going on. the u.s. says five military officials from the people's liberation army were spying on six u.s. companies. draining the u.s. economy of billions of dollars and putting people out of jobs. eric holder is calling on china to cooperate. >> it's our hope that the chinese government will respect our criminal jus sis system and let the case proceed as it should, let justice take its course. we expect, hope that the chinese government will work with us in connection with this and bring the indicted men to justice.
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we continue to be vigilant. >> speaking with a lot of people, jake, on the idea that these men will be brought to jus s tis here in the u.s. it seems like what u.s. officials are doing here is sending a message that they're not going to stand for it. it's a shot across the bow, if you will. >> how long have they been working on these charges? >> the u.s. has long suspected that the chinese government has been behind this. they've been stock piling evidence against the hackers for awhile now. it's a pain staking process to work on this kind of thing. to find out who is behind the keyboard. you have to figure out who the hacker is, where it's ornlg originating from. polic policy, politics. this was calculated by the u.s.
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officials to bring the charges. >> pamela brown, thank you so much. the five suspects are officers in a top secret unit of the chinese army. the country has openly recruited experts for the group for over a decade. last year, a claim was made that numerous cyber attacks were traced to the neighborhood where they operate. we're joined by chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. shawn, let ne start with you. they're officers in unit 61398. who are they? what is this unit? >> they're a group of hackers working for the chinese government. they're trying to make chinese companies much more competitive and give them an advantage. >> what kind of information do they want? >> research and development. corporate strategies.
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when u.s. companies are involved in partnerships, the chinese are interested in gaining information. what type of negotiation strategies the company might perform in the negotiations. it's about getting a leg up, putting themselves in a much stronger competitive position. >> how are they doing this? breaking through the security? >> you throw the pla at it, the people's liberation army at it, years and years of research. you're going to break through security. this is not bad behavior by a wing of the people's liberation army. it's national policy. china look at this as acceptable. as righting a competitive imbalance with the u.s. and u.s. companies. the u.s. has known about it. the chiz knee know about it. u.s. companies know about it. only recently the u.s. has gone
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public with naming and shaming the people responsible. >> and saying it's costing americans jobs. what about what the chinese responded with today? certain u.s. agencies have been consistently tapping into chinese businesses and universities for their purposes. we urge the u.s. to make clear explanations and stop such acts immediately. some of the reasons for nsa surveillance are economic in nature. is the u.s. being hypocritical? >> the u.s. is not stealing intellectual propertiepropertie. we all know governments have been involved in espionage for years. as it connects to corporate advantage, the u.s. doesn't do
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that. other nations, not so much. >> edward snowden said something about this on tv. let's play the clip. oh, okay. i'm supposed to read it. if there is information at siemans that is beneficial to u.s. national interests, then they'll take that information nevertheless. isn't snowden alleging, and i understand the people in the u.s. government say he's not credible. isn't he alleged trade secrets? >> he is. u.s. officials have been consistent on it. they don't do this for economic gain. there's another fact. the nsa surveillance and snowden's revelations have a broader effect. president obama was going hit the president hard. this was the time. they said, we have had enough of it. we're going hit the chinese hard on this point. lo and behold, edward snowden
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releases the documents that very day. even if you can separate the two, one is for national security, one is for economic interests, one bleeds into the other one. you have to say it undermines u.s. credibility. >> shawn, how much is the u.s. government responsible for the cyber security of these companies and how much is the companies' security? >> the united states is not in position to protect the networks. they're not monitoring internet transmissions. in a physical world, if there was a foreign army massed on the borders, the army would respond. they would respond with fighter jets if they buzz our air space. nobody is blocking the ones and the zezeros. at the end of the day, the day-to-day security of the network is the company's
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responsibility. the companies are responsible and have the obligation. >> that's one other thing in terms of the response. the u.s. government had been sharing more information about specific ways that china is hacking into the systems and where it's coming from to help them defend themselves. that's the most they could do. it's up to the companies. >> thank you both. we appreciate it. more alleged hackers targeted in the national lead. this is less about what they want to steal from u.s. businesses and more about what they want to steal from you personally. in a story first reported on cnn, the fbi and police in 17 countries carried out a worldwide raid today arresting more than 100 people in connection with a so-called creepware. miss teen usa cassidy wolf is the best known victim. her former classmate was sentenced into 18 months in prison after he used black shades to take photos of her and attempt to blackmail her.
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our justice reporter evan perez has been following this. how did this go down? >> the fbi was working with police in france, netherlands, germany, canada. they were trying to do searches and rounding up of some of these suspects. these with people that bought the software called black shades. they were marketing it. they were using it to hijack people's computers. there's a couple of cocreators of the software, charged too. we were in the room in the fbi command center last week as they were watching these people, notice, as there were kno knock the door. the hacker forums lit up as people complained about the fbi or police being at their door. it was a fascinating look as the fbi was trying get the upper hand on some people.
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obviously, who have being targeting people all over the world for years. >> thank you, evan. it's a sacred memorial to the thousands who died. yet some are using the opening of the september 11th memorial museum as an attempt to spread mare lies about the attacks. outrage from democrats have not slowed down karl rove, as he take aim at hillary clinton's health again. some saying his line of attack is a smart move. stay with us. d energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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hand out fake museum brochures. the left side, the real deal. on the right, the group's handiwork. welcome to the other story about 9/11. that's of course, the false one. they say they have compiled a vast amount of every day, using the term loosely, proving, their word, not our, that all three world trade center sky scrapers were deliberately destroyed by explosives. they don't prove anything. except man's insensitivity of the f -- to the people who lost loved ones that day. let's bring in emily, a senior editor of slade for more. emily, we're more than a decade after the tragedy of 9/11, why do these truthers have such staying power? >> it's such a good question. the persistence of the theory.
1:18 pm
you imagine people are trying to make sense of the senseless. but with 9/11, we have a real conspiracy, called al qaeda. one has to imagine that the anti-government motivation of the 9/11 truthers is what is driving this. if you could imagine that the government made up 9/11 as a hoax, then the government is completely monstrous. no reason to believe anything any federal official says and no reason to pay your taxes. >> what happens hwhen this kind of nonsense hits the internet? >> it tends to multiply online. you see these dark corners of the internet where people pile on. there is this very minute parsing of the tech kalts of the evidence. more and more detail gets added and accumulated. it feeds on itself. >> the idea here is not just that the three buildings were destroyed by explosives.
1:19 pm
but it's all part of this grand conspiracy where the u.s. government, let me state if i haven't made it clear enough, none of this is true. this is crazy talk. but the u.s. government faked it, killed all these people intentionally just to start a war in iraq and one in afghanistan. is that what they're going for? >> that is the idea. i suppose that given the american government did put forward some false ideas to motivate going into iraq, particularly the weapons of mass destruction. that's the tiny, tiny certakern truth. >> there's anti-semi'tis m, anti-corporations. anti-israel. >> exactly.
1:20 pm
you see these strains related to each other and they get weirdly braided together. >> historically, we see these come after upsetting events. the kennedy assassination, the assassination of martin loouthe king jr. is there a pattern? >> each time something scary and disastrous happens, people look for a meaning. we havethat in 9/11 that we didn't have at first for the kennedy assassination. you have the search for supposed other evidence out there. people pick it up and run with it, even when it seems completely unwarranted. >> thank you, emily. with >> thank you. when we come back, another case of the deadly mers virus detected in the u.s. after a xashl business meeting
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welcome back to "the lead." in national news, the cdc hoped it could contain the spread of a mysterious deadly virus in the u.s. to the two cases it confirmed in indiana and florida. the cdc has now confirmed a third case of middle east respiratory syndrome, or mers. this time, the patient didn't bring it back from saudi arabia. the cdc believes he was infected by the original indiana patient. that would be the first case of person to person transmission within the united states. let's bring in elizabeth cohen. what does it tell us that this virus was spread through casual contact? >> i think it's worth going into detail. the indiana man was feeling sick, had a fever. didn't know he had mers.
1:26 pm
he had this business meeting with this man in illinois. it was a meeting that lasted 40 minutes. they shook hands. the next day they had an even shorter meeting. the thought that you can get mers through a business meeting in shaking hands. no hugging. no kissing. it makes you wonder about what health experts have been telling us, which is mers is hard to get, mostly spread within people living in the same house hold. this is not in the same household. this is during a business meeting. it is giving people concern. >> we had been told that the contact needs to be close. a health care worker or a partner, not a business parter. a partner in your home. let's go to this man in illinois. he hardly felt sick at all. could he still have spread mers? >> experts tell me he could have. at some point in time, the virus was in his nose and mouth. at that point, he could have spread it.
1:27 pm
when someone has a respiratory virus, any virus, they can spread it. they're not going to be good at spreading it. they probably don't have a lot of the virus in their respiratory system. someone who is really sick spreads it more efficiently. but could this man have spread it? yes. >> hundreds of people have been on the airplanes with the indiana patient, the florida patient. some with them for many hours. do we know if any of the individuals on the planes have contracted mers? >> you know, the cdc is still running tests to see if anyone was infected with mers. as far as we know, no one was very, very sick on the flights. that is good news. we're talking a lot of flights. one from london to chicago. one on a flight from london to boston. then boston to atlanta. atlanta to orlando. that's many, many hours of sitting sort of knee to knee, very close to someone. it will be very interesting to see what that testing shows.
1:28 pm
>> elizabeth cohen, thank you so much. in other national news, president obama's staffers say he's quote madder than hell at the nation's veterans' hospitals. according to the washington time, he's known about the delays for years. the washington times claim they got hold of briefing terribles showing that v.a. officials told team obama that v.a. hospitals were fudging the numbers on their wait times right after the 200le election. at the phoenix v.a. hospital alone, at least 40 veterans died while waiting for their chance to see a doctor. >> you mean the specific allegations first reported by your network out of phoenix. we learned about them through
1:29 pm
the report. i'll double check if that's not the case. that's when we learned about them. and when secretary shinseki learned about them. are we going hear from the president himself? >> we are. i heard from jay carney today that the president will be talking about this soon. i doubled back to a white house official who said yes, you can expect likely in the near future, we'll hear the president on this. that would be about three weeks since we heard the president talk about it. the only time he talked about it was three weeks ago in asia. hasn't talked about it since. sent out the chief of staff. jake, you talked to him last week. he's made a couple of appearances. what we did hear from jay carney here today is that the president has confidence in eric shinseki. the secretary of veterans affairs. but other officials will be held accountable if they're
1:30 pm
responsible for the fraudulent waiting lists used to conceal wait times at various v.a. facilities. more questions raised by republicans about hillary clinton's health and age. will this barrage of questions make her think twice about running? and it crushes at the box office with the help of the pentagon. coming up, the military's role in the latest god zzilla movie. >> they're trying to kill you.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. time for the politics lead. suddenly everyone wants to make sure hillary clinton is feeling all right. it's really sweet. this weekend, more republicans glomed on to the script crafted by karl roeve.
1:35 pm
the questions about hillary clinton's age and the concussion in 2012 will be fair game. some key democrats had her back. >> she'll be 69 at the time of the 2016 election. if she gets elected and serves two terms, she'll be 77. >> i think karl rove is struggling to be relevant. >> health and age is fair game. >> in my view, she's in the prime of her political life. >> any presidential candidate or vice presidential candidate has to answer questions about their health. >> so what does this back and forth mean? let's bring in christina bella flrks toni and peter. last week, one clinton aid responded to the original allegations saying there are no words for this level of lying. but, former president bill clinton noted, it's only going to get worse. it doesn't sound like they're going to sit back and take this. >> no, definitely not.
1:36 pm
you'll see the clinton camp, if you will. they're not officially a campaign. they're acting like a campaign. they'll push back on this. questions of her competence. how she served president obama. you're seeing this ramp up. what is really interesting, in the last week, a lot of the people that love hillary clinton come to her defense very vociferously. people hate karl rove among the fierce liberals. >> i think karl rove overstepped. the issue of the candidate's health and age is fair game. it has to be approached wi carefully. i think people think that because she's a woman. >> why does it have to be approached differently? >> because they can easily turn it around. don't you think people can turn around questions and say they're under attack because of gender? >> sure. but the question is, would a man
1:37 pm
face the same questions. clearly karl rove said thing that were not true. >> look at the -- that gets to my point. this took what is a legitimate issue and pushes it into conspiracy territory. you saw with bill clinton the other day, he said he used this to his advantage. he belittled karl rove in this way. the clintons are good when they're under attack. >> listen to this. alex castellanos. was karl rove's assault on hillary clinton's brain a critical master stroke or a ham-fisted attack that contributes to the unpopularity of the republican party. the answer to many a republican's regret is both. >> that sounds about right. they do want to raise this issue. they want to call everything into question. the special investigation into the attacks on benghazi. that has a lot to do with
1:38 pm
hillary clinton. >> they want to bring her to the hill to testify. >> they want to show her record. does she feel like she needs to release any sort of doctor statement? john mccain waited very, very late in the 2008 campaign to do that when questions of his age and competency were raised. and what does barack obama say about her? he hasn't been out there defending her vociferously. this is going to start happening as she gets closer to deciding if she's running. >> another possible 2016 hopeful, speaking at grove city in northwestern pennsylvania, jeb bush possible 2016 candidate had this to say. >> if you feel inspired to serve your fellow citizens, don't let the ugliness of politics keep
1:39 pm
you there public office. >> if you inspire to serve your fellow citizens, don't let the ugliness of publics keep you from public office. >> i think it weighs heavily on him. the day to day, twitter, back and forth. the petty and negative of a presidential campaign far guy who hasn't run for office since 2002. i talked to someone recently at a fund-raiser with him. he is saying the same things in private and public. he wants to approach this in an earnest way. if i can do this in a not too poisonous way, he'll do it. >> it made me wonder if it was a message to his family, too. people are saying the big concern is will it be too harsh on his wife, his children? what kind of family impact will
1:40 pm
that have. you've heard from his mother. it doesn't have to be so ugly. i have talked to a lot of democrats who liked what he had to say about immigration and being an active love of bringing your child to the united states illegally. it has democrats scared if he does run. >> it has some republicans opposing him. very excited to oppose him. >> absolutely the case. again, he deeply cares about education, immigration. common core and immigration are not things that really jibe with the republican base at this point. i think as he looks at this, he's being smart and deliberate. and saying, can i get through the process and have what i care about still in tact? >> tomorrow is a big primary day in six states from oregon to pennsylvania. peter, what are you looking for tomorrow? >> i just got back from
1:41 pm
kentucky. everyone believes mitch mcconnell will sail to victory over his republican opponent. the real race tomorrow is the race for the georgia senate runoff. the top two finishes in the five-way race. >> for the republican nomination. >> to take on michelle nun. david purdue. the front-runner. the race for second place is what people are looking at. jack kingston, congressman, g a georgia, and karen handle. it's a jump ball. >> the tea party has had a tremendous effect on the republican party and has moved the republican party to the right. it does seem as though the establishment is beating back a lot of the tea party candidates. >> you're right. the establishment has become more and more conservative over the last four or six years.
1:42 pm
one of the things i'm looking at in kentucky is how much does mitch mcconnell calibrate his message for the general election. the general election has already started there. he's been running against allison rimes, the democratic candidate there. another one is in pennsylvania. two races where democrats looked like the front-runner. allyson schwartz is not doing well. and in a house race to preplace her, we have chelsea clinton's mother-in-law. >> margerie margolis. >> that's ground zero for election politics. >> as you know. >> as i know very well. thank you so much. appreciate it. also in politics news, a
1:43 pm
federal judge today struck out oregon's amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. he said it violates the constitution. today's reuling means same-sex couples with marry in 18 states. the state's largest county, that includes portland, has already started issuing marriage licenses. the ruling is expected to be appealed. wolf blitzer is in new york. he has a preview. i miss you here, wolf. what do you have on the show? the latest on the donald sterling saga. what is that about? >> the nba for the first time formally going forward with charges against the l.a. clippers' owner. they stipulate points one, two, three, four. nay have a hearing now scheduled. the nba is moving quickly to try to get rid of him as owner of the l.a. clippers because of his
1:44 pm
racist rant. we'll go in depth on that. talk with jeff toobin. s suzanne malveaux. we'll get into ukraine. putin saying he'll move the troops from the border. the u.s. officials saying they haven't seen it yet. he's made these promises before. an outspoken u.s. ambassador in europe, daniel bair. he'll join us live. the americans, the u.s., the international community getting ready to send monitors over to cover the election this weekend. >> wolf blit zer. thank you. >> thank you. a hollywood brock buster with a huge opening weekend. the u.s. military is hoping to reap some of the rewards. the triple wroucrown.
1:45 pm
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check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. the money lead now. the competition could feel him breathing his atomic breath down their backses. gobbling up an estimated $93.2 million in ticket sales. godzilla was a towering number one at the box office this weekend. the giant lizard was not the only star of this blockbuster. some might say the united states military was cast as the hero of this film. the pentagon actually provided the film makers access to several naval acraft carriers along with expert guidance.
1:50 pm
that kind of help, well, it's part of a pattern. whether it's launching a coordinated attack on godzilla. using precision aim to take out pirates in "captain phillips." or killing osama bin laden in t "zero dark thirty." america's favorite block buster hero is, america. from the patriotism of world war ii to the special e effects of motte earn day, the u.s. mail tear has long has a sim boy offof -- symbiotic relationship with hollywood. >> when it come to the movie industry, they want authenticity. it's much cheaper for hollywood to go through the military than to stage something like that
1:51 pm
come politely on their own. >> reporter: by glamorizing the armed forces in this theater, they hope to bolster their ranges in the military theater. >> it's about proportraying the military in a positive light. we talk about retention, it is making people in the military proud of what they do. it's almost like a campaign video. >> reporter: the practice is not without critics, such as former navy s.e.a.l. harry humphries. >> it's out of hand. too much is being doesed about a community that lives on the fact that it's a -- a group of folks that thrive on the concept called silent pride. >> reporter: after all, movies like "godzilla" may glorify enlistment. it's far from the true gore of real battle. still, after more than ten years at war, the line between
1:52 pm
america's movie stars and war hero continues to blur. in 2012's "act of valor" real navy s.e.a.l.s portrayed themselves. while last year's "lone survivor" pard mark wahlberg to marcus litrell. >> how close is it? >> as close as not having to kill somebody on the mountain. >> i have never been so proud. you don't get the same kind of impact. understanding of what these guys do for us. >> reporter: whether the film industry helps or hurts that understanding, the villains in the films do not stand a chance. good news for you millions of godzilla fans out there. i'm guessing. today, deadline confirmed a
1:53 pm
godzilla sequel is already in the works. it is coproduced by warner brothers, a corporate cousin of ours in the time warner family. it's the most shocking decision in "raging bull" since "ordinary people" beat it out for best picture. a copyright lawsuit against the classic can proceed. can go forward, even know the suit was filed 30 years after the movie came out. it was filed by the daughter of man who worked with lamotta on a book and two screen plays. the 6-3 ruling that split the justices along unusual lines could expose hollywood to more claims from people. coming up next, he was invited to give a speech meant to inspire new graduates as they head off into the real world. he used the opportunity to call them arrogant and immature. what sent the speaker off?
1:54 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." now to our buried lead. legions of parents got to see their $100,000 investment pay off and watch their kids get their degrees. the speeches are supposed to be the culmination of the job. rutgers university held commencement sunday without its announced speaker, condoleezza rice who stepped down after students and professors balked at her choice. christine la guard withdrew from smith college when students took issue with her aid.
1:59 pm
will yan bowen was filling in for haverford. where the speakers normally deliver addresses filled with aspirational platitudes, bowen used his turn to deliver one last lecture. >> encouraged to come and engage in a serious discussion. not to come, tail between his legs, to respond to an indictment that a self-chosen jury had reached without hearing counterarguments. >> he called some of the students immature, and arrogant. happy graduation. the sports lead. >> california chrome did it! >> he's a colt that won six races in a row including the kentucky derby and the preakness. he keeps his filly up all night with his snoring. now, new york racing officials have decided the 3-year-old colt can continue to wear a nasal
2:00 pm
strip during next month's belmont stakes. the horse has worn that strip for the six straight victories. california chrome is trying to end the longest drought in triple crown history. 36 years. now to wolf blitzer. thank you, jake. happening now, breaking news. ready to evacuate. u.s. marines are standing by at a moment's notice to rescue americans from the u.s. embassy in libya, as fierce fighting rages on. sterling showdown. the nba taking the first legal step to terminate donald sterling's ownership of the l.a. clipper. how will he respond? and vanishing act. the public may see the raw satellite data in the mystery of flight 370 as we get a first look at the planned movie about the